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Athletic Association

St. Francis of Assisi Athletics

Welcome to the St. Francis of Assisi Athletic Association sports page. Here you will find the information you need to know on the sports programs we offer, a link to our Sports Illustrated Sign up page and contact information.

The athletic association meets every 4th Thursday of the month at 8:30 in the rectory lower level, all are encouraged to attend and $1 for adult beverages.

All Coaches/Volunteers must have taken the Archdiocese’s  Protecting God’s Children’s class and a background check every 2 years in order to participate. Please click here for more information.

In addition, CYC players and coaches must have an issued CYC card.
Parents are urged to participate through being a head coach, assistant coach or manager. Active volunteers are what makes the Association work for the kids!

Upcoming Events

  • Athletic Association Meeting – 10/25 @ 8:30 in the Rectory Basement
  • SFAAA Golf Tournament – 10/6 11am start at Arnold Golf Club

Executive Board
President Brian Ferguson 314-239-9055
VP Sports Frank Rohlfing 314-496-9492
VP Facilities David Kossman 314-791-6611
VP Finance Brian Wismann 314-307-4376
VP Communication Jason Byrne 314-494-7289
Sports Directors – Frank Rohlfing
Soccer Chris Hulsey 314-593-0654
IM Soccer Ryan Werkmeister 314-482-5315
Volleyball Dan Hufker 618-979-0884
Basketball Dave Schulte 314-540-5466
Baseball/Softball Tom Morrow
IM Baseball/Softball Rob Witzel 314-600-1733
Golf Jeff Kesselring
Rugby Tom Burton 314-609-8477
Facilities – Dave Kossman
SFA Manager Mike Beckermann 314-574-3698
Bussen Manager Tom Burton 314-609-8477
Concessions – Manager Christina Gambino 314-239-5351
Concessions Colleen Patrick 314-201-0636
Concessions OPEN
Equipment Ryan Pfaff 314-540-5809
Soccer Uniforms John Kramer
Baseball/Softball Uniforms Jeff Kesselring
Volleyball Uniforms Lisa Youngblood 314-740-4042
Basketball Uniforms Jennifer Mohrhard
Facility Scheduler Joe Rothermich
Finance – Brian Wismann
Capital Improvements Committee
Head Officia – Basketball Tim Abernathy 314-368-2047
Head Official – Soccer Ron Schmidt
Head Official – Baseball/Softball Bill Halas
Head Official – Volleyball Chrissy Mauer 314-397-1479
Communication – Jason Byrne
CYC County Rep Kevin Sajol
Sports Signup Admin Lindsey Deroy
Soccer Tournament Director Darren Williams

Julio Lecroy
Fundraising Committee

Registration is OPEN now… Don’t miss out!

St. Francis of Assisi Baseball/Softball Contact Information

Lay Director: Tom Morrow 413.6894

Intramural Program: Rob Witzel 600.1733

Uniform Coordinator: Jeff Kesselring 487.4159

Head Official: Bill Halaz 894.2528

Batting Cage Coordinator: Dave Kossman 791.6611

Adult Softball: John Vuch 487.8071

St. Francis of Assisi Basketball Contact Info

Lay Director: Dave Schulte 540.5466

Uniform Coordinator: Jennifer Mohrhard

Head Official: Tim Abernathy 368.2047

St. Francis of Assisi Golf Contact Information

Lay Director: Jeff Kesselring 487.4159

Click photo to find out information about the Martial Arts program at St. Francis of Assisi.

St. Francis of Assisi Soccer Contact Information

Lay Director: Chris Hulsey 593.0654

Intramural Soccer: Ryan Werkmeister 482.5315

Soccer Tournament Director: Looking for a Volunteer

Uniform Coordinator: John and Amy Kramer 846.0220

Referree Coordinator: Ron Schmidt 892.5213 or Tony Frank 894.7146

CYC Volleyball begins at the 3rd grade level. Learn about the game and have fun!

Can you dig it?

St. Francis of Assisi Volleyball Contact Information

Lay Director: Dan Hufker    487.9044

Uniform Coordinator: Jimmy & Lisa Youngblood

Head Offical: Chrissy Maurer 397.1479


“Certainly children are a gift from the LORD…”  Psalm 127:3


Safe Environment Program FAQs

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church and School follow the Archdiocese of St. Louis Safe Environment Program (Protecting God’s Children). The program is designed to help protect the youth, elderly, and vulnerable adults of our parish as they participate in activities within our community.  This process also provides a layer of protection against the possibility of false accusations for those adults who are involved in our many ministries.

All volunteers and employees who work with children and vulnerable adults at St. Francis of Assisi Parish must be in full compliance with the Safe Environment Program. This includes:

If you have completed the FCSR Worker Registation at another Parish in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, please contact the rectory office. These forms will need to be filled out again as volunteers need to be in compliance at each location.


  • Beginning with the 2014 CYC Basketball Season ALL Coaches/Managers (head coaches and assistant coaches) must take the Coaching to Make a Positive Difference class. This 2 1/2 hour course is now only offered online. CLICK HERE to go to the online training course.
  • Obtain a CYC ID Card, which can be done on-line or in person. To obtain your card online go to the CYC ID Card web site.  You will need your coach’s id # to complete the online ID card process.  This number is on your certificate that you can print after you have completed the CYC Coaches Training Program.  Your information is transferred to the CYC ID Card database within 24 hours of you completing the course.  You will need to wait the 24 hours before you can apply for your card, as your number will not be recognized by the system until then.

If you are under 18 years old or still in high school, and wish to volunteer at St. Francis of Assisi Church and School please read and sign the Ethical Conduct for Minors form and return it to the rectory office.

Missouri Department of Social Services
Children’s Division Child Abuse & Neglect
Hotline Number: 1-800-392-3738

For additional information related to reporting incidents of suspected abuse, please refer to the Archdiocese’s Policy, Procedures, and Guidelines on Child Abuse and Neglect Reports or contact Sandra Price at the Office of Child and Youth Protection at (314) 792-7271.