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Our Parent Organizations

At St. Francis of Assisi, our success is contingent upon active parent involvement to enhance the educational experience. We are fortunate to have many parents with the ability to offer their time and talent to help make our school the best it can be. Our parents help out on the playground, in the lunchroom, in our classrooms and beyond. We truly appreciate all the support!

Additionally, we encourage parents to get involved in the decisions that affect our children by participating in the following parent organizations:

School Board 2014-15

President: Mrs. Konnie Henning
Vice President: Mrs. Amy Callico
Secretary: Mrs. Barb Rule
St. Francis of Assisi Pastor: Fr. Anthony Yates
St. Matthias Pastor: Fr. Dennis Port
Principal: Mr. Greg Sturgill

Home & School Rep: TBA
Parish Council Rep: TBA

St. Matthias Rep Mrs. Sue Waeltermann

Members at Large
Mrs. Joann Hufker
Mrs. Shelley Weiskopf
Mrs. Christine Piotrowski

Home & School Association
President Mrs. Sarah Schuh
Vice President TBA
Secretary Mrs. Kathy O’Connell
Treasurer Mrs. Rebecca Risch

Fundraising Chairpersons:

Jaime Soell: Fall Festival
Sarah Della Croce: Trivia Night
Kim Gerwel: Taste of Telegraph
Becky Rohlfing: Shopping Village
Gina Richter/Amy Callico: TJ Pizza
Kris Niehaus/Lisa Macke: Tom Evans/STL Cardinals Calendars
Lisa Preusser: Parish Picnic
Christine DeWeese: Father/Daughter Dance