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The Parish Vision


05, June, 2017Posted by :Lisa Wood

At St. Francis of Assisi the parish vision is to use our enthusiasm for our Catholic faith and compassion for others to nurture personal spiritual growth, and promote fellowship within and beyond our parish so that every parishioner may become holy. Within that frame work, the parish has undertaken a five-year vision dubbed “e3.” Launched in 2015, the vision is to ENHANCE the Sunday experience, EMBRACE new parishioners and ENGAGE all in parish life.

ENHANCE the Sunday Experience………….
1A. Mass Times: Reorganize Mass times to create a more vibrant Sunday experience and help parishioners engage with others as we come together to worship the Lord. A survey allowed parishioners to vote on times. Completed February 2016.
1B. Sunday School: We want to establish a relevant Sunday experience for 3-6 year olds. The task force is now at work on this initiative with the launch targeted for Fall 2017.

EMBRACE New Parishioners……………..
2A. Welcoming Spirit: Too often people feel unwelcome when they first enter the church. Our task force is developing ways to greet new parishioners and help them feel welcome as they join us for weekly Mass. The launch is planned for Spring 2017.

ENGAGE Everyone in Parish Life………..
3A. Develop and Utilize a Volunteer Communications Network: This goal is planned for 2018. Stay tuned as this initiative develops.
3B. Align Parish Organizations with our Parish Vision: We’re stronger if we all pull together in the same direction. At St. Francis, this means helping everyone to work together to meet our goals and create a unified parish. This goal is to be developed by 2020.

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